Supreme Court hears a case that could transform the interne

Writer Anuraj

A landmark case, Gonzalez v. Google, begins oral arguments on whether technology

companies should be held accountable for harmful content they surface

It was in November 2015 that three ISIS gunmen opened fire at a restaurant in Paris, killing 23-year-old Nohemi Gonzalez, a college exchange student.

It is almost eight years since her death, but her family is seeking justice for her death

suing YouTube instead of the gunmen in a landmark case that could change internet law forever.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Gonzalez v.

Google, a lawsuit that asks that tech companies be liable for the harm their algorithms cause.

The Gonzalez family contends that by recommending ISIS-related content, Google’s YouTube acted

recruiting platform for the group in violation of U.S. laws against aiding and abetting terrorists

Courts have found that Section 230 shields Google and most modern tech giants from liability for posts, photos, and videos people share on their services, a provision written in 1996.